About Us

 MEG LLC is a unique Rebar, Misc Metal, Structural Steel, Concrete and CMU walls consulting services company specializing in estimating and detailing with a wide range of capabilities to provide project RFIs, project change orders, project conflict resolution, and project management. We strive to be a valuable resource to the construction and reinforcement steel industry, and provide our services at both competitive prices and at rapid turnaround. 

55+ Years Experience

Our high quality estimating and detailing services are provided to you with over 55+ years of extensive industry experience. 

45+ Professional Engineers 

Our team of 45+ seasoned professional engineers are well versed in Rebar, Misc Metal, Structural Steel, Concrete and CMU walls estimating and detailing. 

12+ Software

Industry leading software programs such as TEKLA, ARMA+,  aSa, AutoCAD, Canada Wide, Harris, Pinnacle, Rebar Cad, RMS, ROMAC,  Soule, ProEst and Shear97  


Our professional engineers work with industry leading software and technology to provide Rebar, Misc. Metal, Structural Steel, Concrete, and CMU wall estimating and detailing, and related documentation, which is consistent with our clients A/E drawings and specifications. We are easy to work with, and build genuine and effective partnerships on every project. We enable our clients to succeed through seamless communication and rapid response times through  both audio and visual means. Our team works continuous shifts to meet client needs.


With a combination of the right people, tools, experience, and knowledge we specialize in providing estimating and detailing services for the following sub trade areas:

  • Rebar Estimating & Detailing
  • Misc. Metal Estimating & Detailing
  • Structural Steel Estimating & Detailing
  • Concrete and CMU Walls Estimating


The time and investment dollars of our clients are precious commodities, equally as valuable as the steel that reinforces North America's industrial, institutional, residential, commercial structures, bridges, and highways. We are a partner you can trust to get your estimating and detailing jobs done with accuracy, unmatched turnaround times, and competitive rates. You can be assured, your interests match ours. 


David Brooks (Next Century Rebar)

 "These guys are very responsive and will work on just about anything. Given that most of the items that you are sending are very small in terms of rebar they will probably work out a per drawing arrangement with you that will better account for their time. They have a fairly large staff and it is not very often that they say No to any job." 

Jacobe De Vries (Central Steel)

 "This company is something special. I have been searching for the quick and accurate rebar estimating and detailing services for long time."