Rebar Estimating and Detailing Companies

Estimating and Detailing Services

Responsive and accurate services are the key elements in providing excellent working partnerships. MEG LLC strives to help clients achieve both their immediate and long-term goals/project deadlines by providing efficient Misc. Metal, Structural Steel, Concrete CMU and Rebar estimating and detailing services tailored to their particular needs. Our responsibility is to communicate clearly with the client, carefully define the scope and expected costs of the service to be provided, and bill services with full transparency. 

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We are very quick to respond to  client needs via telephone, email, and Skype. We assure our clients of distinctive quality in all our deliverables.

Shop Drawing Formats

We can provide the placing drawings in AutoCAD, PDF, and DWG formats, as per our client's preference.


TEKLA, ARMA+, aSa, AutoCAD, Canada Wide, Pinnacle, Rebar Cad, RMS, ROMAC, Soule, ProEst and Shear97 for estimating, detailing, and bar listing.

Types of Structures

We provide accurate and presentable work with standardized Rebar Misc. Metal and Structural Steel placing drawings for:

  • Industrial Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Highways, Bridges, and Tunnels
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants and Dams
  • Concrete Masonry Units

Shop Drawing Bar List Release Formats

We can provide the placing shop drawing bar list release in the following file output formats, as per our client's preference.

  • aSa File Output (.CAD)
  • ARMA+ File Output (.CSF)
  • Canada Wide File Output (.WID)
  • Harris File Output (.TSV)
  • Pinnacle File Output (.PIN)
  • RMS File Output (.CDI)
  • Rebar CAD Standard File Output (.CSF)
  • ROMAC File Output (.ROM)
  • Shear 97 File Output (.CSF)
  • Soule File Output (.SLE)

Additional Services

We do the optimization of rebar BBS without violating the contract drawings to save steel and to reduce scrap for our client's projects. In addition to Rebar estimating and detailing services, we can also supply tracking services to include the following information in excel worksheets:

  • Shop drawing logs
  • RFI logs
  • Bar list release log
  • Weight report per drawing logs
  • Threaded bar report per drawing logs
  • Accessories report per drawing logs
  • Change Order logsAdditional Information